Digital inventory Specialists for Rental Properties in Gurgaon and Delhi
Who are we

We are 6 point smart, a property digital inventory company in Gurgaon, which provides services and information that ensures a positive rental experience. We make sure that your rental property does not stay vacant and see to it that it is returned in its original condition - if not, then you will be in a better position to recover monetary compensation.

What We Do

We create a digital property inventory of your home, office, apartment, farmhouse and other property so that everything is accounted for before the lease is ever signed. At present, we do digital walkthroughs and inventory recordings of properties for rent and sale in Gurgaon and Delhi.

What is a Digital Inventory

A digital property inventory is the detailed description - with photographs - of your property, recording its present condition as well as the personal effects therein.

The pictures are accompanied by an in-depth form which covers the smallest corners of your property in the most comprehensive and clearest manner.

The format is so easy to read and interpret that you will be able to effectively manage the condition of your property for years to come.

Why You Need Our Digital Inventory Services For Your Property


If you are looking to rent or sell your property, the most effective way to do so is to reach the largest audience possible. This can be done by sending pictures of it to a large number of people - all at once. This is all possible through our rental property digital inventory services.

By performing a digital walkthrough, all the items within your property plus the overall condition of the property, will be recorded. This means that any damages or missing items that occurred within your rental property during the leasing period will be assigned to the responsible party (i.e., you will not have to pay for them).

As a landlord, when you enter a rental agreement with a tenant in Gurgaon or Delhi you should take every precaution possible when it comes to securing your property. To do this not only do you need documented proof of the condition of the property before the signing of the lease and during the Wide character in print at /root/bin/bup line 151. �checkoutWide character in print at /root/bin/bup line 151. �, but should also obtain a third-party endorsement, by a reputable company, for that documentation. A third-party verification and endorsement helps to protect your rights as a landlord, especially if any legal action needs to be taken during and upon completion of the lease.

Our property digital inventory services supplies you with authoritative third-party documents that keeps your property and rights as a landlord secure throughout the lease period.

Our services also protects tenants. When you sign a lease agreement, you must make sure your tenant rights are not ignored. In other words, you have to do everything possible so that you are not held responsible for damages you didn't do or missing items you didnWide character in print at /root/bin/bup line 151. �t take. A rental property digital inventory proves that what was there in the beginning is still there in the end.

Our property digital inventory documentation and rental property services can protect you from wrongful evictions, hidden costs, as well as missing items and damages that you are not responsible for.

Other benefits of having a digital inventory for your property done, include:

Proper recording and documentation for your property, especially if you are living far away and need to reference it periodically.

Accounting for your properties condition and the items within it for the purpose of obtaining property insurance.

Recording prior damages to your property for the tenantWide character in print at /root/bin/bup line 151. �s or another interested partyWide character in print at /root/bin/bup line 151. �s insurance (verification process).

Recording the before and after condition of your property before renovation.

Recording the state of a recently purchased property.

Who Can Benefit From Our Property Digital Inventory Services

Property Owners (residential or commercial)

Farmhouse Owners or Large Property Owners

Owners and Operators of Service Apartments

Property Builders


No property owner wants their property lying vacant or in a damaged condition after it was rented out. Learn more about our property digital inventory service.


Anyone leasing a property should be aware of their rights and avoid being penalized for damages or missing items they are not at fault for. 6 Point Smart will inform you of what you are entitled to and protect you from false claims due to improper documentation.